Topsy Turvy
A little wager?
1908 – A Dark Austrian Fairy Tale.or is it?
Rise of the Suffratek
Toward Ephemerality
Rebuke to a pebble
Where's my drummer?
I am machine
Signs of Life
Know Knew Now
Man…tarah (reading 2)
Storm Flower (reading 1)
Induction (reading 2)
Walking Enigma
Crossroad revisited.
In-to-it-if Son-it
Evolution of the non-feeling
Fishy Jock Bird Sings
Do stuff be complete
Shabby Shite (reading 1)
Listen (reading 1)
The Jabbercock (reading 1)
The “Monte Carlo” Gamble
The Hill
The Jabbercock (reading 2)
The Londoner’s Prayer
The meeting
This Morning
Three days sober.
Time is a flat circle
Train Fodder
When does it stop?
Leaving do
Listen (reading 2)
Little steps turn into massive leaps
Loots’ Law
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