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My name is Paul Frost. I am the founder and editor of WorkInWords. I have long been interested in work and the impact it has on people’s lives. I have been an academic in the area of industrial relations, organisational change and human development as well as a consultant to numerous organisations in these aspects of their lives.


WorkInWords is a non-commercial site and people contribute pro bono.

Work dominates our lives. Doing it, not doing it, seeking it, avoiding it, loving it, hating it, getting to and from it: all have major impacts on how we see ourselves, how we think others see us, and, ultimately, how happy we are - both at work and away from it. offers you a place to read and listen to what people think and feel about the work they do.


You can be sure that others would also be interested in your feelings, experiences, attitude, and behaviour.

Thanks! Message sent.

The team

The team at WorkInWords are all volunteers: the design team, the operators, the publishers, the poets and the narrators. Many of the team have been interested in people’s experiences of their work and the words they choose to describe it for a long time. We would love to receive any prose, verse, poetry or words from you.


You can write about your own personal experiences of work, of the place you work, of the business or the organisation you work for, or those who you work with. You may have written these already or maybe you have the desire to write them down in the coming days and weeks. We hope you will.



All of the people who are currently contributing to WorkInWords are normal people, doing normal jobs. The majority of them have little to no experience in writing. Some tell us it is therapeutic to write things down, some are passionate to share their experiences, some say they find it fun and others are pleased to have their words published.

You can write your story in your words. We are convinced that people will be fascinated and intrigued to read and hear what you have to say!​


We also have people who love to narrate their work and that of others. If that’s you then please select the poems or 'MyWords' you would like to read, make a copy of the recording and send it us. Check here if you want a bit of help doing that. It doesn’t matter if there is already a recording, we and the authors all like to listen to different interpretations in different voices. For example, listen to the three records of a poem called ‘Your Vision is too narrow’.


Please send us your words using this link or email them to


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