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Doing unto others (reading two)

Really, make retribution your master and your king?

Really, consider making realised vengeance sing?

Really, can you fixate on angst enough to wreak havoc.

Really, lose control, lash out, slash and burn, run amok.


I get it, feel it, but I hope I can continue to power down.

To box up, to rationalise and to disperse that frown.

Yes anger, vitriol, at the injustice and all of that pain.

Defeated, depleted, I feel like a loser once again.


But you’re not taking ownership of the line I created.

It is my line, not yours, however much you’re hated.

If vengeance is mine, on my terms, it’s served cold.

Done unto others, fear of reprisal, your chalice to hold.



Makes me think that ...

Work place bullying is bad. When a manager crosses the line that marks the boundary of firm, strong and honest leadership it is not always immediately apparent. As this behavior begins to see that line in its rear view mirror, moving further into the bad lands of management behaviour those around need to speak out. Never easy but bullying a subordinate is insidious and should be called out.


Andy Denham

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Image: The Day the World Turned Auerbach, Glenn Brown 1991

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