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20 years and lovin' it

It started, just over 20 years ago, one form and one meeting.

An hour I think it was.

A rocky start, didn't get the gig initially but then a few weeks later,

I was in!


This was the start, something brewing, something seeding.

It grew bigger, and I bounced from one thing to the next.

Different things to do, different places to go.

I was getting embedded!


5 years in and it’s going in a direction I never thought it would.

I was surprised. This was not the plan.

A couple of years tops was how long I thought I’d last!

I was enjoying it!


10 years, 15 years, they came and went

More roles, more responsibilities.

Promotions, they were nice.  Others liked what I was doing too.

I was developing a career!


20 years, and still I am there.

Progressing, learning, challenging, creating, inspiring, doing.

It has its challenges.  Its ups and downs. 

I am ... I don't know … loving it? Yes!

A Different Coloured Cow


Makes me think that ...

Work’s not always a slog of daily grind, of tedium, monotony and bullies. Change, challenge, creating and trust can bring growth that causes people to say they’re ‘lovin it’.


Lorraine Ansell

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Image: David G Paul Canvas Print featuring the digital art 'Abstract Smiley Face'

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