In 2006 I left a well-paying job at the Institute of Directors to follow my heart.
I’d been coached for a long time and I finally reached the point wh . . .

No Work, No Play


Over the last 4 years, the unceasing terror and unhappiness over America's adoption of a despot has frozen my work. I begin my writing day, as I alway . . .

Same old same old


Got up at half past six
Swigged cup of tea and pushed down piece to toast with butter and marmalade
Ran down road for bus, just made it
Sat on bus so . . .

A Disquisition on Spoons

Harris Tobias

A Disquisition on Spoons

Pity the lowly spoon
His portly bowl and comical stem
Make a mockery of finesse
The roly-poly jester on the genteel lace
Loo . . .

Nothing As Art

Harris Tobias

There is art in doing nothing
A careful mindfulness is required
To sit still on a day
When so much is expected
Takes the will of a dedicated
Monk. To . . .



Sunrise gives way to a dewy morning.
Sunshine shimmers a light that
Creates ripples upon a still pond.
Robins chirp high above on the
Trees wet leav . . .


Annmarie Chanel Harrison

I often think of life's regrets,
the procrastinating moments,
The times we never met
up, or our failed plans,
To meet for lunch,
To take a walk in the . . .

Don't Tell Me

Annmarie Chanel Harrison

(Inspired by people who romanticise staying in a rut)

I don’t want to know about your vision board,

Your morning practice, or your time with the Lor . . .


Annmarie Chanel Harrison

Some memories are forgotten,
Other memories stay forever,
Passing through generations,
And becoming distorted. . . .

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