Here you post your words, which can be poems but they do not have to be. You can post your words to the MyWork-MyWords section directly if you wish. Just go to this page, type them in, press submit and they'll be posted. Just a note of caution if they are felt to use offensive language gratuitously then they risk being taken down. Posts are also at risk of being taken down if they are inappropriately offensive or potentially libellous.

If you prefer you can email contributions to enclosing: title, your words, job title, country, name/ nick name and email (which will not be published).

Prose, verse and poems

You can send a your prose, verse or poem to or by using this link to the upload page

We can extract your words from the email. You might like to enclose a text file (for example, a Word document) to ensure the formatting is maintained.

You could also send an audio file or a video file of you or anyone else reading, if you wish. Click here to read how.

As you can see we like to put an image with your words on the home page so please do enclose one you would like to put with them. Alternatively you can leave to us to select one.

The words, prose, verse or poem can be published anonymously or with your name attached, with picture or without. Just tell us in the email which you prefer.

When it come to thinking  about your what a submission here are a few words that might help.

MyWork MyWords is a place where you can tell it like it is, in your own words; good writing appreciated but not essential. This area of the site is not about poetry. We are interested in what you do, what your experiences are and how you feel. Don’t worry about style or grammar, no fancy writing needed; use sentences, phrases, bullet points; good language, bad language, the language of home and of work.

  • First day first job

  • New job

  • Got promoted

  • Being on zero hours

  • Being retired

  • Day in the life of …

  • Bad boss day

  • Silly staff day

  • Great team effort

  • I did well

  • What I do when I do my job

  • How it feels when I do my job

  • Doing my job at home

  • Being a home-maker

  • Being a volunteering

You publish it directly onto the site

Guide length: 100 – 500 words but you can use more if you need to.

Who can be a author?

From anywhere
in any language

Your contribution can be …

A ring of truth
Poignant or fun, or both
Serious or sad, or both
Rhyming or prose

Alternatives to work …


… We’re happy with any of these.

Your words, prose, verse or poem can be about

What makes you

… happy about your work?

What makes you

… sad about your work?

  • How you feel

  • What you see

  • What you hear

  • What you touch

  • What you smell

  • What you taste


  • Your boss

  • Your manager

  • Your staff

  • Your customers

  • Your suppliers


  • Your work

  • Your job

  • Your profession

  • Their work

  • Their job

  • Their profession


  • This job

  • That job

  • Current job

  • Old job

  • Future job

  • No job


  • This firm

  • That firm

  • All firms

  • No firms

  • Public sector

  • Private sector

  • UK

  • Overseas


Work dominates our lives. offers you a place to read and listen to what people think and feel about the work they do. Please send us yours with this link or email:


Our key words are: Read | Listen | Experience |

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