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Don't Tell Me

(Inspired by people who romanticise staying in a rut)

I don’t want to know about your vision board,

Your morning practice, or your time with the Lord,

I don’t want to hear about nature,

Grounding rocks, or healing creatures,
No mindfulness please,

Life isn’t a magical breeze,

Don’t give me that look hippy,

You wanna a piece of this?

Oh who’s getting lippy?

Keep your peppermint, nettle and sage,

I use elbow grease for my wage,

Laptop lifestyle! What a joke!

Why don’t you try being a real bloke?
I don’t care about your Oms and pranayama,

Or the so-called wisdom of the Dalai Lama,

Don’t tell me about your new blender,

My head’s throbbing from last nights bender,

Give it a rest with your strong will,

I just need a shag and an ecstasy pill.

Don't Tell Me
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