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In The Wind

The beach at dawn, a sun shadowed by grey skies. Stagnant clouds that resemble mounds of cotton. An unsettled sea; waves that crash the shore like angry titans. The wind dampens chilled skin with droplets of salt water. You were there.

An afternoon walk in the park, overcast skies have diminished. Shimmers of sunshine glisten upon a still lake. Men and women walking their dogs; children run after bouncy balls; others ride their bikes along the waters edge. Ducks float across water that resembles a sheet of glass, babies in tow. The wind creates an image of leaves dancing upon aged branches. In the wind, a gentle breeze tickles the nape of an exposed neck, your finger tips saying hello. You were there.

An early evening barbecue, family and friends all dance to disco music. Bodies bumping to the beat of Funky Town. Whispers, laughter, memories that echo through defeated ears. The wind brushes through closed fingers. You were there.

Night ends, the moons light illuminates a dark room. Silence, except for crickets singing a lullaby in the distance. Tears resemble tiny shards of broken glass as they trickle from tired eyes. A gentle breeze escapes through an open crack in the window. A caress upon a dampened cheek. In the wind, you were there.



In The Wind
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