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Long ago, they didn’t know

how to starve

They never remained thirsty, either.

Only in the holy month

they stayed without food and water

for many hours

And they loved it

Now they feel like eating

the wounded ants

from an abandoned cookie-jar

They don't want to live

in this southern edge

of the Arabian peninsula

They want a hail storm to come

and rescue them

as they are so parched

The dryness of the bombshell

makes them more dehydrated

than last summer

The most surprising hit-and-run raids

don't surprise them anymore

They only care about

their choked up throats and lives

They only want to drink some water

No ... no blood, only water

Munia Khan (2020)

#Munia #Khan #MuniaKhan


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Munia Khan website can be found here.

Image credit: The Associated Press

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