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Walking Enigma

Are you an assassin, a vicious indiscriminate knifer.

A mis-communicator, or worse a cultured shape shifter.

The missing link to a complex substitution cipher.

I can’t crack your code, couldn’t even if I was a lifer.

Can’t interpret your ways, so instead leap to conclusions.

You do not feed my mind, you just feed my delusions.

Don’t know what your worst is and never seen your best.

Are you a mocktail, with a bitter twist of bergamot zest.

Or neat spirit, the real thing, on an intoxicating quest.

I will never know, beaten by your untranslatable mantra.

You are you, unique, indecipherable, a walking enigma.

(Loot, 2018)


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Image: Enigma by Lynne Godina-Orme.


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