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Tough Job

Written by Harris Tobias.

The number of movies made about cowboys is almost beyond counting. Many included some extremely unsavoury treatment of the indians, the indigenous peoples of North America. What few did was portray the life of a real cowboy.

Tough Job

The cowboys were tired after a day in the rain

Tired of ropin’ and tyin’ and such

The horses were wet but they didn’t complain

For comfort they never asked much

A little hot grub and a warm dry bed

Was all they ever expected

Some place safe to lay their head

A place they felt somewhat protected

That night brought a storm, a terrible blow

And the cattle were threatening to bolt

The trail boss said, “Fellas you’ll all have to go.”

There was grumblin’ but no real revolt

“You’d have to be crazy to ride out in that

That wind might just blow you away.”

“Put on your slicker and tie down your hat,

Sometimes you got to work for your pay.”

The boys all went out like the boys always have

Cause, after all, that’s what cowboys do

Some call it crazy, some might call it brave

But for them it’s just muddlin’ through.

You’re often alone out on the range

A man has to rely on himself

But when you need help, the means of exchange

Is a handshake and nothin’ much else

It’s tough and it’s lonely workin’ the herd

Not much to give a man pride

Except you can still take a man at his word

And you can trust that he’ll be by your side

When that long night was over and the cattle secure

And the cowboys straggled back into camp

The only thing any of them wanted for sure

Was a few minutes out of the damp

But already the sun was climbin’ the sky

And another day on the trail had begun

Not one of those cowpokes ever asked why

They just did what had to be done

And after that long day it was time to rest

And you’re lyin’ there shootin’ the breeze

You have the good feelin’ that you did your best

And you deserve to be takin’ your ease.

Harris Tobias, 2021



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Image credit: 'Kaleidoscope Cowboy' by Liz Farrell


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