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Too much on your plate?

Many people feel overworked, even overwhelmed at work. Do you?

'Too much on your plate'

Too much on your plate

That was a bit careless Next time better luck

Can’t you delegate? Do you overcommit? Are you taken for a ride? Take a breath and sit

Too much on your plate?

Share it Don’t tip it Eat it Don’t eat it

Don't do it You can do it Don't drop it Slowly chew it

Too much on your plate?

Don’t be greedy Put some in the refrigerator Go on, you reserve it Have a lighter meal later

Go for a walk Don’t have dessert Chew a bit of peppermint Your time and space assert

Too much on your plate?

Show more resilience Learn how to cope Go on a course And if there is no hope

You’d better do a runner It’s clearly your fault You‘ve fallen, failed, faltered   The falling you can’t halt 

(Anon, 2019)



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