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They live with courage

Written by David K. Gilchrist, read by Katz

A note on the poem by the author.

On Remembrance Day we thought of the servicemen and women who hadn't returned and the many (like my Dad) who had been wounded. We had just heard of a policeman who had died in the line of duty. I thought of the summer in the logging woods, and my serious head wound and remembered that many are not so lucky. A farm accident took my brother-in-law. And, finally I thought of the number of women who risk their lives protecting their young.

They live With Courage

None can deny the suffering the service people face.

Their most unpleasant duties, in battle and on base.

But don't forget the farm folk, and men in mine and mill,

Who wear no decorations, but oft are heroes still.

A logger has no medals to flaunt upon his chest.

But when it comes to courage, he ranks with all the rest.

Police and fire-fighters oft risk their limbs and lives.

But little more their danger than that of many wives!

David K. Gilchrist (ca 2000)




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