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The Three Kings

In July 2020 the Covid 19 lockdown is winding out and people are returning to work places and routines. For many it's been a long time working in the spare room, on the dinning room table or on their lap. A range of activities have been missed, not least socialising at the end of the shift. The Three Kings is the second in a trilogy marking the event.

'The Three Kings'

‘Twas a dodgy outside light drew me in.

Donkeys everywhere, as I begin.

And reverently, I approach the trough.

Cause to saunter up, really just ain’t enough.

I’ve been in the dark, now vision is clearing.

And the smell of stale piss is really quite endearing.

With Mary on her badge, she says what can I do?

I say, a pint please and where is the loo?

Returning, it’s there, gold, amber and more.

And Jo says, do you want to sit by the door?

The cattle are lowing, and a piss head awakes.

But all I can hear is the screech of brakes.

Three people tip out, all wearing mask things.

And obviously, I am sitting in The Three Kings.

(Loot, 2020)



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Image credit, The Three Kings: Jazz Series: Three Kings, Brian M. Atyeo

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