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The Storyteller

Where the numbing of emotion starts as self defence.

And eventually becomes the inhibitor of every sense.

Authenticity is vulnerability, I seek inevitable truth.

I am data, with a hidden soul and you are the sleuth.

If I tell you of exclusion then I want you to belong.

If I sing of heartbreak, remember, it’s a love song.

If I talk of exclusion then I want you to connect.

If I reek of perfection, gain courage, be imperfect.

So lean into discomfort, invest time in my lines.

You can’t measure it, but it exists, all will be fine.

My goal is your truth, your expanded perception.

The power you feel, from making a connection.

Don’t try to pigeonhole, rationalise or understand.

My storyteller journey, a route through your land.

And where I have walked, footprints in your sand.

Imprint of story, a sense I am holding your hand.

(Loot, 2019)


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About this image: "Storyteller," by Vera Komnig


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