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The Fire Station

In July 2020 the Covid 19 lockdown is winding out and people are returning to work places and routines. For many it's been a long time working in the spare room, on the dinning room table or on their lap. A range of activities have been missed, not least socialising at the end of the shift. The Fire Station is the third in a trilogy marking the event.

'The Fire Station'

Dante told me of the fires that burn.

The enveloping flame, the truth I will learn.

Circles of underworld, hotter each time.

No means to quench, well there’s a pint in mine!

Outside table service and ash tray too.

I’m thinking, now that’s a strange thing to do.

Maybe it’s ceremonial, if I spark up, do I get bells?

I wonder briefly, did they get water from Artesian wells?

The bottles keep coming, I think that’s nine.

And now we are back to Dante, but I’m feeling fine.

So, I’ve reached Lower Hell, through a virtual torrent.

Socially distanced and cashless too, I’ll warrant

Before I leave, a must, to the bog, after the bender.

Forget Artesian wells, I now know what fills the tender.

(Loot, 2020)



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Image credit The Fire Station: London Road Fire Station Artwork – Home of The Manchester Art Tribute.

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