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Ten poems for you to listen to

Ten poems have been newly added to the home page for you to listen

'Contagion' is one of ten poems that have been added to the home page for you to listen to. Listen to Lorraine Ansell reading Loot's 2018 prophetic poem, ‘Contagion’, in which Loot writes about the anxieties of public transport at a time of pandemic. The poem opens:

“Traveling in a test Tube, a stop, start, petri dish.

Exposed to full frontal viral assault, more than I wish.

Immunity challenged each time I take a breath.

Attracted down the escalator, gambling with death.”

In ‘Corporate Georgie’ Dr Jenny Knight reads her own poem that draws us to think of two common phrases in and around work in this early part of the twenty-first century: Life Balance and Wellbeing. This poem invites us to reflect on them. It also beautifully juxtaposes two types of work and offers a view of priorities. The image show what happens when two worlds collide.

Locked in the Building’ tells of a difficulty for a visitor and a caretaker. Everyone who holds the keys to a building and who has the responsibility for locking and securing the place must have several fears about getting right, night after night. Leaving it open, too long, locking it early, too soon, locking someone in, and more. Sense and sensibility all round are obviously in demand but should mishap happen sometimes in short supply.

More people are writing and thinking about work-based poetry.

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Cover image: Park Hill Flats, Sheffield. Used with Conformist

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