Written by Loot, version 1 read by Lorraine Ansell, version 2 read by Andy Denham.

Volumes are written by management specialists and management gurus advising practicing managers how to do it. This verse by Sarah H tells us how she goes about her philosophy and the actions that flow from it.

'Style' My management style is very outcomes based. To empower and to delegate so my team don’t feel chased. About every little detail I don’t need to know. Just the end result is what they need to show.

I trust them to get on and complete the task. Without having to constantly monitor or ask. I may set the goals and the strategy too. But they own the process and decide what they will do.

If my team feel engaged and in control of their day. I know they’ll give more and be willing to play. An increasing key role as challenges increase. Due to budget constraints and workloads that don’t cease.

So my role is to nurture and hopefully inspire. My team to achieve all that we collectively desire. I shield them from bureaucracy and the complexity that it brings. So they can fly free, in their own way and achieve fantastic things.

Sarah H, 2015


Read By Lorraine Ansell #Lorraine #Ansell

Read by Andy Denham #Denham

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One version of this poem is narrated by Lorraine Ansell, a British female voiceover professional.

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