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Signs of Life

Literally, it doesn't pay to think about how much work across the globe is impacted by the millions of hours lost in traffic. Metaphorically, the obstacles and hazards encountered on our journey need to be dealt with in a way that leaves you fit and well by the time you reach the other side.

'Signs of Life'

Queuing ahead, slow down, incident. A forerunner of brewing malcontent. Long delays, report of pedestrians.  All closing in, complete congestion. Delays, slow moving, large heavy load. Change direction, forget seeds sowed. Use hard shoulder, leave at next junction. Get out now, before any dysfunction. Rolling road block, debris in road. It’s too late now, the exit is closed. Strong winds, fog, snow and smoke. Massive skid risk, I’m about to choke. Workforce in road, total obstruction. Slow moving traffic, many distractions. Its turning round, variable speed limit. Join main carriageway, real life mimic. Clear way ahead, foot to the floor. Enough overthinking, time to soar. 

(Loot, 2019)



I really liked this poem. It made me think about how there can be many obstacles in the way, even when we try to skirt around them, but if we keep on going, the road ahead will become free and easy again. (Amanda)

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Image: Traffic Jam Painting by Tony Luzayisu

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