Updated: Jan 3

Mountainous grey clouds rolling in

Driven by the gusts of a changing wind

Chill caress against my cheek

The last slant of late sunshine sweeping across a stubble field

Illuminating water-colour strips of golden, ochre, brown against a skyline of dark fir trees

A scruffily posed figure with a sallow face perched on a podium

The pointed finger of nationalism

The people's government torn to shatters

No reprieve from the axe of the referendum

A dappled dark cat splayed out on a patch of bright grass

Green eyes surveying intently

Flurries of pure white butterflies

Turning to shades of russets, oranges, golds falling leaves

"Why study if there's no future?" and "There's no planet B"

Sprawled in pastel colours on strikers placards

The departure of a tear-stained speaker ends in a brawl

Voices raised in song in the government chambers as darkness descends

Delicate flowers hardening to fruits

Fungi sprouting

Spreading their pores across the globe

A dark, earthy sweetness on my tongue

The lone voice of a child speaks out in hope

Crash of the Supreme Court judge's javelin

A distinguished older woman ornate with glinting beetle-like brooches speaks out for the common people

Unanimous decision

Prorogued democracy is unlawful

One surviving tuft of white pentangle flowers

Its companions dying, gone to seed

Torrential rain like floods of grief on the windowpane

Leaping shadows

Torys giggling and cheering like a gang of rats

Tear stains and flushed faces

Death threats to a child

Swishing tail, ready to pounce




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Post image: Whigs and Tories debate reforming the British parliament in 1832. Robert Cruickshank


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