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Same Poem - Different Voices

An author's words speak for themselves. However, the voices and readings of different narrators brings a remarkable richness to our experiences, interpretations and understandings of them. We've gathered together a range of poems that have each been narrated by more than one person.

Here are two readings of 'Shabby Shite' to wet your appetite. It's written by Loot in 2016 and narrated here by Lorraine Ansell and then Andy Denham. You can listen to these two below or click here to listen and read these two along with several more.

Shabby Shite

How abstract this form of quaint expressionism.

Strange, this workstation viewed through a prism.

How it radically distorts your simple working way.

Now that rich hues and colours replace the grey.

How surreal a plain desk now in a jazzed up form.

A non-standard deviation, now far from the norm.

Jarringly awkward, now seen with conceptual eyes.

The mundane now glitzy, covered in shimmering lies.

Look again, harder, don’t see it as they want you too.

Look through different eyes, don’t just see the new.

If carried away the spirit of chintz is what you see.

Look again, with a squint, it’s still just a desk to me.

It’s a thing of wonder, new utilitarian symbolism.

It’s a thing of beauty, art mixed with photorealism.

No, it is not bespoke or unique, it is just not right.

No, it is not beautiful or chic, it is just shabby shite.

(Written by Loot, 2016)


Click the name of the poet or the narrator in this post to find more of their work.




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