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Saevus and Saevus 2

Written and read by Katz.

Katz reads these two poems, one after the other in a powerful pairing

Chronic illness and the drugs that are used to treat it have an impact that pervades every aspect of life and living.

'Saevus & Saevus 2'

I’ve no taste now to introduce

The topic that revolves my mind

– Nay, not a topic; there’s no kind

Of order governing the loose,

The sultry, savage, things I find.

For in my skull there lurks a mist

Which cankers every spark of thought,

Which knows but miseries forgot,

And succours sins I would resist,

And cheapens triumphs I have sought.

---- 0 ----

For they would fain to damp, abate,

When what I want is rushing on,

Nay, I would fain myself be gone!

And walk through frost-bit, stirrless dawn,

To walk until my face were drawn

And hollow; ‘til just my spirit shone.

(Dawe 2017)




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Image: By Pablo Picasso

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