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Saevus 2

Written and read by Dawe, also read by Katz.

Chronic illness and the drugs that are used to treat it have an impact that pervades every aspect of life and living.

Saevus 2

For they would fain to damp, abate, When what I want is rushing on, Nay, I would fain myself be gone! And walk through frost-bit, stirrless dawn, To walk until my face were drawn And hollow; ‘til just my spirit shone.

(Dawe, 2017)




This work was initially published on Bedfest, a closed Facebook group for people with Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)

This poem currently has been narrated twice. The first is by Katz (#katz) and the second is by the poet. Dawe (#dawe)


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Image: Painting by Pablo Picasso

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