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Please come back to the office!

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Please come back to the office! We have put in all sorts of measures, lots of sanitiser stands, thermometers, hourly cleaning of touch points, careful use of the lift, a one way system for walking round the office, restricted the use of the meeting rooms. Please can those who can drive or walk in and do not need to use public transport return? Please can those who have a role reaching out to people who live and work near the office come back? Please lovely colleagues, who I really enjoy working with and so value your opinion, please may you reflect more thoroughly on the WFH choices that you are making. Take care when you travel, wear masks, wash hands, do all the government says but please come back to the office. Please, it is not the same without you, personally, professionally. Please do not let this pandemic make you fearful and lack confidence. Please do not let the thoughts come into your head about taking the easy way of continuing to WFH. Please think about the business, those you are working with. Please come back to the office!

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