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No errors, no runs!

Written by David K. Gilchrist.

A note on the poem by the author.

I read that Babe Ruth, who held the world record for the most runs in his career, ALSO held the record for the most errors. When he was asked how that was possible, he said that if he didn't risk the errors, he wouldn't make the runs. I got to thinking about how often we don't try to do something, because we are afraid of failing. One famous inventor said that he didn't make mistakes: he just kept discovering things that didn't work, until he found one that did.

No errors, no runs

You’ll never dent a fender, if you never drive a car.

But if you never chance it, well, you won’t go very far.

You’ll never break your china if you leave it on the shelf.

But it’s no use to others, and no value to yourself.

You’ll never have a heartache if you love no one but you.

But you will be so lonely, you will ache your whole life through.

You’ll never make an error, if you never undertake.

Except, to never venture is the very WORST mistake!

If no one tried to build a house, well, where would people live?

If no one tried to heal the sick, there’d be no help to give.

If no one tried to start a school, well, how would children learn?

If no one formed a government, we’d have no place to turn.

If no one kept a shop or store, who’d sell the things we need?

If no one tried to run a farm, what would we find to feed?

If no one tells the Gospel news, that hope will not be heard.

Our children’s children will not know the blessing of God’s Word.

David K. Gilchrist ca 1980's



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Image credit: Babe Ruth by LeRoy Neiman,1973


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