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Mercedes Benz

'Mercedes Benz'

Lord don’t buy me a Mercedes Benz. Just tell me, oh tell me when her illness ends.

She takes all the tablets, pops pill after pill. She battles and battles with all of her will.

Head wiggling, tummy touching alternative this and that. For sure someone will tell her, just wear a hat.

Her friends all gave up, too frustrated to stay No phone and few texts, as they’ve drifted away.

Cancelled parties, dance dates declined Her friends have all gone and left her behind.

My heart rises and falls day in and day out As my lovely daughter is forced to sleep it out.

Oh Lord don’t buy me a Mercedes Benz Just tell me, oh tell me when her illness ends.

(PEF, 2018)


*People of a certain age will recognise the inspiration for these words.

Have a listen to ‘Mercedes Benz’ by Janis Joplin, released 1970.

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