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Loot: what or who?

The question you should ask is not 'what is loot' but 'who is Loot'? Some of you may be surprised by the answer.

Loot works in the construction industry. He is a successful manager and leader in an industry whose past, and in some instances whose present, is overloaded with examples of testosterone fuelled attitudes and behaviours.

Those familiar with the modern construction industry know it has been working on changing at an increasing pace for a number of years now. Managers like Loot are at the forefront of the thinking on these matters. His intellectual and analytical manner are complemented by his sharp observations, deep self-reflection and erudite style. He is also a prolific poet.

Loot a writer who blends words with insight and thoughtfulness at the same time as a power and elegance. He provokes us to think about our work and the society in which it takes place. is proud to publish his large and growing volume of work.

You can listen to 50 of his poems by clicking here

You can read many of his poems by clicking here

Check out some video expressions of his work below.

Jazz hands

I now sadly represent a thoroughly unsupportable stand.

After a miserable accounting year, so unreliably planned.

Regretting all the bright ideas that I summarily canned.

Shabby Shite

How abstract this form of quaint expressionism.

Strange, this workstation viewed through a prism.

How it radically distorts your simple working way.

Now that rich hues and colours replace the grey.

Taking the P out of Profit

Postulate power in pompous perspiring palms.

Preceding the pursuit of poisonous profit plans.

Padlocks soon policing the previously panoramic.

Precursor pushing a pathway to paranoiac panic.

I’ve Been

I’ve been too humble and too many times, foolishly rude.

I’ve been quietly subtle and I have been crushingly crude.

I’ve been overly praised and much too harshly criticised.

(Caution: explicit content)

To see more of Loot's work click here


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