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Lockdown Reflection

'Lockdown Reflection'

Even with heavy dark rain comes the smell of petrichor.

It locks you in, but it also protects you and it’s only a door.

You forget what’s really important, till things are proper broke. I now see every butt, from every cigarette that I smoke.

I am not the just the sum of everything that I own. I don’t need to travel or work to lose my phone.

Unbelievably most people are intrinsically good. I hate my fucking parrot more than I ever thought I could.

Without bin men society would rapidly collapse. I enjoy talking to the people I live with, don’t let it lapse.

Mobility is energising and stagnation is an enemy. Shared adversity can breed universal empathy. Buy all your drink in a shop, once a week and it’s a lot. Window licking, delivery waiting, makes your brain rot. Social media comes in waves like a bad hangover. Never really realised it, but I’d found my four-leaf clover. Washed everything, still have odd socks, how does that happen. Work is not the be all and end all of life, it’s just a pattern. Before lockdown how did I ever fit everything into one day. Before lockdown I’d lost the ability to hear what people say. When you are here all the time things get messy quickly. When you are thinking about being ill you end up sickly. You don’t need to google to win a zoom virtual quiz. I had forgotten how massively important the sun is. Lock down rules mean all my secret places are known. Being positive is tough, sulking is cheap, it’s easy to moan. Isolation despair is inversely proportional to animal memes. Washing up is a pain, with a busted dishwasher machine. A beard makes me look like a half-baked Father Christmas.

I am enjoying the simplicity of life, I must not let this pass.

Loot 2020



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