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Ten poems have been newly added to the home page for you to listen, watch and read.

In the most recent 'Compilation 4' you can listen and read along to Lorraine Ansell reading Loot's poem, 'This Morning', in which the joys of waking to work, if you can do it are explored. If you can do it walking to work can be invigorating and energising. You breathe the air and pass the sights.

The glorious voice of Andy Denham reads 'SOS' exploring how some leaders and managers of business and other organisations grapple with the impact of their actions on the the business, its staff and themselves. The poem opens:

"Architects of possibilities and creators of real pain.

Refinance, strategic choice, I am feeling shit again.

Saviour of corporate life, I’ve created continuity.

Devastator of family life and creator of frugality.


Dr Jenny Knight read her own work. 'Seven Deadly Habits' pointing out that some habits are good and habits are bad. It depends what they are and what you do with them. Habits will serve you well and serve you ill. It depends on the balance of focus and flexibility in attitude and behaviour.

Additionally, in 'Getting On ...' you can watch videos of work by Freeman, Loot and Seryianis, and listen to voices of Smith and Ansell.

More people are writing and thinking about work based poetry.

Do these poems make you think about anything about your work? If so send your thoughts to

Please do send a poem you’ve written or one you like and we’ll share it with other WorkInWords readers.

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Cover image: image of London from used with The Londoner's Prayer

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