In perpetuity

'In perpetuity'

Cyclical reactions, never ever ending.

Transcendence once, always transcending.

If I hide, from that moment, I will always be hidden.

If I drive, from that moment, I will always be driven.

If I say it just once, then its permanently said.

A tear when I cry, is permanently shed.

If I see it happen, then it’s forever seen.

When my eyes record the fact, it has evermore been.

Though I marked this place, my tracks will wither.

If I am here now, then I will have been forever.

If I hear you say it, then it remains ever heard.

Every nuance, all context and yes, every word.

If I owed you and paid, you still lent, I still owe.

If I towed you, when broken, you still needed a tow.

If I loved you, you’re loved always, I hope you can see.

If it is, then it was and will be forever, in perpetuity.

Loot, 2020


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Image credit: Heart of Transcendence, Olga Djordjević


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