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I am more

This cry goes out at work, at home and at play. How many people recognise, indeed empathise with Miss T? Do you?

'I am more'.

I am more than just a picture that you see on your screen.

More than your judgement, from a split second scene.

The one that you berated, the one that you despised,

The one that you judged, your view shared far and wide.

I'm a proud Mum first and foremost, a wife and a friend.

A sister, a colleague, believe me, the list has no end.

Not uniquely, my journey has its ups and its downs.

But I am a sensitive soul, my peace, yet to be found.

Trust me, no one is a harsher critic of me than me.

But, just look at my picture and that you won't see.

I will never judge you for your values and passions

The diets that you follow, your ever changing fashions.

So you look at my picture and what do you see?

Whatever, look closer please, you are not seeing me.

Before you press the share button, you should know.

The pain you cause will make my insecurities grow.

(MissT, 2020)



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