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Help for the task

Written by David K. Gilchrist

A note on the poem by the author.

This incident was 1951; but the poem was much later. I was the first-aider in a railroad construction camp, when an unconscious man was brought in. The boss was told that the truck was gone, but they saved the man. He yelled: "The man? The man? To hell with the men: there's lots more where they come from. You look after the equipment!". He refused to let me use the radio to call for the rescue plane, saying that I was the first-aider, and it was up to me to look after the unconscious man! That man's power sure corrupted his work! I had to wait till he left the office: a delay for which I was reprimanded! (The man survived).

Help for the task

Lord, You have set us to this task: Now work through us, is all we ask.

We cannot do the work alone; We have no wisdom of our own.

We tremble at the task's demands, With lives of others in our hands.

Let not our power corrupt our work, Nor weariness tempt us to shirk.

David K. Gilchrist ca 1990's



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