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Grey Rave

Written by Loot

As vaccinated numbers rise rapidly amongst the over 70's in the UK Loot envisages what this baby boomer generation might do next.

Grey Rave.

I’m vaccinated, come and play if you dare

I’m seventy five, immune and haven’t got a care

For a month I’m superhuman before you catch up

It’s grey rave time, reverse reality, I am the pup.

I’ve baby boomed and ripped up the sixties

I created party and built up decades of riches

And you thought I’d gone into the silent past

Gifted a window, I’m back, I’m gonna kick arse.

The venues you can’t make are now going cheap

The access is easy, a full wheelchair sweep

The Who at 96db, I’m deaf it won’t hurt me

Come join me in a month, be what we can be.

Loot, 2021



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Image: AC Taxis "Police called on old age pensioners for attending an illegal rave",

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