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Fishy Jock Bird Sings

It's true we do so often hear that change is the only constant: 'things never stay the same'; 'things are always changing'; 'we tried that before and it didn't work then either. Is change a participant or a spectator sport?

'Fishy Jock Bird Sings'

Gil tells me the first revolution is when you change your mind.

Well, move over Che, because I’m changing mine all the time.

Then change what you are doing, go on and create a new paradigm Well this programme is getting tricky, no thanks, I’m doin’ just fine

S**t, I’m starting to get it now, this is more than just a rhyme You’re shouting, do your bit, make noise, do more than mime

Inertia the enemy, action the aim and you think I am the catalyst You’re so nineteen-seventy-one, I am so now, laid back, fatalist

I get it, but don’t feel the attraction, hands up, measured and sized. Arm chair out, switched on, tuned in, this time it will be televised.

(Loot, 2019)



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Image: Modern Means: Continuity and Change in Art, 1880 to 2004 Jacques de la Villeglé.

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