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Fate's Goodbye

'Fate's Goodbye'

Covid days

Kind soul prays

Still lockdown

Loving town

New rules start

Be alert

Dawn to dusk

Always mask

What is this

curse or bliss?

Can you tell

if you're well?

Am I sick

like a freak?

May I cry?

Let me try

Few months more

Close the door

Stuck in home

London, Rome

All breathless

Who's deathless?

No one here

Now we fear

Who is next?

Without text

I'm typing

News hyping

Burning bridge(s)

Empty fridge

No where car

All too far


Dying teen



Lockdown mind

Where to find


No vaccine

What else now?

Take a bow


Be tender

to your life

Accept strife!

Ta-ta bye

Sobs and sigh

Munia Khan (2020)

#Munia #Khan #MuniaKhan


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Munia Khan website can be found here.

Cover image is by Tamas Tuzes-Katai; @tamas_tuzeskatai; and can be found on Unsplash

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