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When people talk about emotional labour in this part of the twenty-first century they are most frequently speaking about the emotional impact of delivering a service. The stress of continually smiling and holding all in an emotional straightjacket can be damaging. However, as we see here working brings a whole other set of emotions that we need to deal with.

'Emotion' It starts …


I rage against the machine It consumes me combusts me Leaves me Wretched In misery

Igniting …

Anger! Anger at the injustice The unfairness All my fault? Not fair I cry Who cares? The reply


Bewilderment! Bewildered I retreat Lick my wounds My hurts Doubts Festering Mind Questioning Emotions Wandering


Exhausted! Exhausted I weep Bitter tears Of recrimination Reaching out In desperation Seeking inspiration


Love! Love of my family Love my health Love myself Like Falstaff's Elusive courage Love finds me

Supporting …

Healing! Not quite healed But better Time out Time off Time away Fight another day

(GB, 2018)



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