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Disrespectful catchphrases

Written by Seryianis, read by Andy Denham.

Honest respect is key to relationships in all walks of life. It is certainly true in the relationships organisations have with their employees and their customers. We are all human beings moving through life in different roles. Each adds to the whole and deserves real respect.

'Disrespectful catchphrases' Do not take it personally, but with all due respect!

Two phrases that are ironical at best!

You say I should not take it personally but

My life and my work share between them one heart.

You tell me you show me all due respect.

But your song is simply an insulting fest.

What you do and what you say happens to me not some other.

I am no robot, I am no object, I am a spirit, I am a human.

I am a colleague, I am a son, I am a husband, I am a father.

Like so, are all of us. I speak the obvious, that is no news man!

(Seryianis, 2018)




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Image: Frieden im Respect [Peace in Respect], Hyunsoo Kim, Germany

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