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Dictate or another trait?

Written by Loot, version 1 read by Lorraine Ansell, version 2 read by Andy Denham.

The volumes of books, articles, qualifications, courses and seminars spent considering the actions and styles of leaders and managers is beyond imagining. Loot’s insightful prose capture the themes so succinctly and powerfully they should be on a recommended reading list for us all.

'Dictate or another trait?' Belligerence, fortitude, stubbornness and greed. Are these necessary traits for one to succeed? Empathy, understanding, forgiveness and honesty. Are these a model for life lived more modestly?

Duplicity, bombasticity, dominance and neurosis. Perhaps ultimate tell-tales for the insanely precocious? As for politeness, conviction, diligence and clarity. Are these traits preferable, providing greater parity?

Consider your actions and the shadow you cast Not everything has to be victory, achieved fast For by bullying, pushing, you will disfranchise Enemies will hold a grudge whatever your size

So all you alpha males out there please take heed Your blooming flower may be choked by weed By winning a single battle you may lose the war Because someone out there always keeps score

(Loot, 2018)


Version one read by Lorraine Ansell #Ansell

Version two read by Andy Denham #Denham


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Version one of this poem is narrated by Lorraine Ansell, a British female voiceover professional.

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