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Written by Katrina Plumb.

There is little doubt that many would regard bureaucracy as unnecessary and burdensome. It can feel that way and often it is. Governments and organisations frequently proclaim they are cutting 'red tape', reducing bureaucracy and becoming more effective. And many of us say 'good job too'. However, and just a thought, could we function without any? How much is enough? What does Katrina Plumb's work say to you?


Submerged in a torrent of detail.

Soaked through to the soul for our sins.

The urgency warrants hard work will prevail.

So if sweat’s your goal your team wins.

Sophisticated systems make the rules.

Their operators hit their heads on walls.

They’d walk away if they were not such fools.

And yet they wait to answer more ‘phone calls.

The product is a measure of value.

And value’s a subjective thing.

By knuckling down to gain what is due.

We’re admitting that cash is king.

So who is it gains from this factory?

Human pistons hit target solutions.

And choose not to notice the fact that we.

Score points for political collusions.

Dumbed down in defence of the status quo.

The ethos so tense it could kill.

We know it makes sense, ‘cause they tell us so.

If not at least it foots the bill.

Katrina Plumb, 2021



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Image credit: 'Bureaucracy (1) by Diana Malivani

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