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Written by Loot and read by Andy Denham

As a noun organisation is the name given to a structure containing people with a particular purpose: a business organisation. In addition, however, it is also used when talking about the act of organising something, the way in which the parts of a whole are arranged and the the quality of being systematic and efficient. In the twenty first century these all seem to come with the view that they are all good things. Are they really?

Anti-organisation Disarray to some, unstructured order to others. Eclectic dishevelment or is that a clever cover? Lazy hedonism or orchestrated hyper-complexity? A mess, a disgrace or a cultured act of dexterity?

Random, cluttered, unfettered and messy Chaotic, unfocused, unplanned and stressy Adversity, confusion or liberated freedom One mans mess is another mans expression

Anti-organisation, call to bear uncoordinated arms My chant, my mantra, my dysfunctional psalm My unabashed, unconfined, unbridled gift My advice, drop organisation, take a quantum shift.

(Loot, 2018)




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Narrator: Andy Denham

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