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My call is always important

Whether you're going to work or travelling home the last thing you want to hear is someone else's self important phone. The volume in invariably too loud, the duration too long and the subject inane. Do these callers imagine we are all interested, are they thoughtlessly self-absorbed or do they just not care: their call is important after all.

'My call is always important'

It’s not life or death Or a deal for crystal meth Or a marriage split Or saving a wrist, due to slit Been twenty minutes Train knows your business Yes, I’ve been there With an inappropriate share Blabbered and worse Shouted, argued and cursed Felt self-important Replied when I shouldn’t Spoke way too loud Impropriety, not proud Simply overreacted Wish I’d stopped, retracted. I didn’t, please do Can’t help listening to you As my hackles rise I’m plotting your demise Please keep it down I don’t need your sound All that bleating About a poxy meeting And your influence All the valued time spent And the outcome Your impact, obs none It’s really quite sad Others can’t be that bad Please put it away Or prepare for an affray Re-holster the phone Don’t wanna be in your zone

(Loot, 2019)


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