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Toward Ephemerality

Solidity, reliability, longevity and similar are sought yet simultaneously attacked by the actions and reactions those who write to you and speak to you as if it were all on Snap Chat. What will the future be if the words, images and voice are lost or changed in an increasingly here today gone tomorrow world. Can relations last long enough for success if they are like photons passing through double slits.

'Toward Ephemerality'

This message will self-destruct in five seconds. This visual display changes, infinitely fecund. A fleeting inducement on your Facebook page. An idea with impact, does not need to be sage.

Are the messages you send all memorised? Or sadly, only, momentarily immortalised? Is your legacy permanent, is it built to last? Or transitory only, just a shadow that you cast?

You must have been around to become obsolete. Goldfish bowl mentality dictates that is a feat. Swimming with the shoal, coming round again. I am taking it all in and divesting, no restrain.

A complete, fully regressed bi-valve organism. A brand new breed, born of our cultural schism. Nothing lasts long enough, means anything to me. This quickening journey, toward ephemerality.

(Loot, 2019)


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Image: 'May Fly'. Image in the New Yorker. Illustration by Victo Ngai

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