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Rebuke to a pebble

The places where we work can generate a sustained pressure that transforms, reshapes and distorts us in ways that grinds us into feeling like ever smaller particles in an ever bigger ocean.

'Rebuke to a pebble'

Purpose obfuscated by the passage of time.

Uniqueness ground by the caustic maritime.

Formed under pressure, metamorphosis.

Released in cataclysm, by the sea sorceress.

Emancipation, by-product of harsh erosion.

Future and function, all continual distortion.

Once structurally sound, now tossed by sea.

Once engrained, now you’re seemingly free.

Liberated, movement, all quantum mechanics.

False freedom, washed out by fluid dynamics.

Once building block, integral to monolith grand.

Then angular and edgy, now your future is sand.

(Loot, 2019)


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Image: Watercolor painting Black dots, black space. An Abstract watercolour print for the modern home. A fine art print after an abstract watercolour painting made by Louise van Terheijden. See

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