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How bullies work …

Bullies are found in all organisations and at all levels. Very often they move unobserved by the mass ranks, making their themselves known only to those they seek to harm or intimidate. To everyone else many bullies project respectful and reasonable. Some are deaf and blind to the pain they cause but many more enjoy it. Some enlist others in their game to amplify the torment. We all need to vigilant and act to safeguard our colleagues. One day it could be us, in a weakened state.

'How bullies work …'

I have never known a bully who documents their negative behaviour and actions have you?

I know a bullied person broken, bowed who in despair felt compelled to keep records.

I have never know a bully who keeps the door open while being intimidating or demeaning. Have you?

I know someone who feared the closed door, the deserted corridor, the terse email the presence of the bully.

I have never known a bully who accepts culpability for the consequences of their actions. Have you?

I know a victim so damaged , so let down so alone that they begin believe they are at fault.

I have never known a bully to apologise and change their ways. Have you?

And... I have never known a bully who admits to their failings, because, they think this is a sign of weakness.

But…. I can tell you, because I know, that the vitriol a bully throws at you, reveals their lack, and an imagined mirror reflects it all back.

So…. Like a phoenix from the ashes emerge from the darkness anew. Stand up to bullies, re-claim YOU.

(Hansard, 2018)


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