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In-to-it-if Son-it

How much of what you need to survive, let alone get on at work is intuitive? How much is learned and how can it be taught? And when you do truly know it, how do you put it into action? In business the first without the latter doesn't take you very far. The latter without the first can take you in the wrong direction.

'In-to-it-if Son-it'

Gaps in knowledge and complete absence Enforce the application of intuitive talents. Reading between lines, a required art form. Assessing vague shapes becomes the norm. Assumption the tenet, does it drive action? Can you use the assumed with satisfaction? There is no defined measure of your ability Just reaction, the success or failure you see. Never to be taken lightly, a skill to develop Not ordered, paid for, picked up in a shop. Not the symbiotic partner of estuary English. Not the hidden gift of a fifteen minutes wish. Not a claimed and repeated, uninformed riff. Yes, damn right, I get it, you see, I is in-to-it-if

(Loot, 2019)


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Image:Bishop Ramsey CE School Year 9 - GCSE Art and Design

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