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When people talk about emotional labour in this part of the twenty-first century they are most frequently speaking about the emotional impact of delivering a service. The stress of continually smiling and holding all in an emotional straightjacket can be damaging. However, as we see here working brings a whole other set of emotions that we need to deal with.22


It starts ...

Rage! I rage against the machine It consumes me combusts me Leaves me Wretched In misery

Igniting ...

Anger! Anger at the injustice The unfairness All my fault? Not fair I cry Who cares? The reply


Bewilderment! Bewildered I retreat Lick my wounds My hurts Doubts Festering Mind Questioning Emotions Wandering


Exhausted! Exhausted I weep Bitter tears Of recrimination Reaching out In desperation Seeking inspiration


Love! Love of my family Love my health Love myself Like Falstaffs Elusive courage Love finds me

Supporting ...

Healing! Not quite healed But better Time out Time off Time away Fight another day

(GB, 2018)


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Image: Range Of Emotions by Khorasani

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