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Organisational Science

A manufacturer of white goods used to speak about 'the appliance of science' in their advertising as a double-entendre. I feel sure this was not the science they had in mind.

'Organisational Science'

Charles' Law As temperature rises, the volume of bullshit increases.

Bernoulli's Principle As an organisation grows, its grip on reality diminishes.

Lomonosov's Law As matter is always conserved, Bullshitters are completely indestructible

Buoyant Force rule Bullshitters float, when you wish that they were submersible.

Density equation The amount of bullshit, divided by time it takes to deliver.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Impossible to be both honest, and a Leader.

Archimede's Principle The chaos caused by a leader, Is equal to the volume of their ego.

Planck-Einstein relationship Links between frequency and energy, the more you're hit the darker the shadow.

(Loot, 2018)


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