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Missing and inaction

Working in an office is a stressful experience for many people, for a variety reasons. Some even described it as a 'war zone'. When Navy reflects on his current work experience in an office and compares it to a time when the armed combat of a real war zone filled his daily working life he felt more at ease.

'Missing and Inaction'

Memories of how it used to work, now I am unclear. Now I have more time, yet deadlines still draw near. People still all around me, yet I seem to work alone. Now no ordnance to distract, just the ringing phone.

A desk, a computer and a mouse are my work attire. Long way from the trench and sound of friendly fire. I am driven ever onwards, by a simple need to survive. Into a world where corporate strength seems to thrive.

It was easy back then, knew my place, all was very clear. For me, not so easy now, this place ruled by other fears. Work is just mind numbing, day upon day, no end in sight. Struggling to live and pay bills, just a never ending fight.

When active in a war zone, I knew what to do to get by. I came to terms with action, the need to survive or die. I got used to the way I lived and with what I had to do. Despite years stuck in this office, still I struggle through.

I used to know wrong from right, I knew how to perform. Now, where are my allies, where’s my port in this storm. The enemies in here are many and subtle, closer to home. More dangerous than way back then, way back in the zone.

(Navy, 2016)


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This poem is narrated by Lorraine Ansell, a British female voiceover professional

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