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What is 'MyWork-MyWords'?

Thank you for getting this far. It's appreciated. The team at WorkInWords are keen to collaborate with it's users in its development. On this occasion we are looking for support in two ways. Firstly, we are asking users to add contributions to this new feature. You can do that by going to upload in the top nav. We would like to reserve the right to edit them slightly with your agreement so they can be early indicators to visitors once the feature is available to everyone.

Secondly, it would also be very helpful if you felt inclined to offer the feedback of a 'critical friend' on the functionality. Send an email to:

So what is this new feature?
"MyWork-MyWords is a place where you can tell it like it is, in your own words. Good writing welcome but don’t worry about style or grammar if it's not your thing. We are interested in what you do, your experiences and how it feels. These are what are important. No fancy writing needed. Use sentences, phrases, bullet points, good language, bad language, the language of home and of work. It's about what you do, how it feels, about what they did, how it felt. Punch it in and put it up!"

You publish your words directly onto the site.

You can write about things like:
- What I do when I do my job
- How it feels doing my job
- Doing my job at home
- Being a home-maker
- Being a volunteer
- Day in the life of …
- Bad boss day
- Silly staff day
- Great team effort
- I did well
- Made redundant
- New job
- Got promoted
- Being on zero hours
- Being retired"

If you could take a short time to type out and upload an initial contribution (100 - 500, guide but more if you wish) we would really appreciate it.

Thank you so much





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