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I am not a working from home kinda gal.

I have tried! I promise! I have a wonderful son, handsome hubby, two loyal labradors a loving cat, all in a pretty county town near the south coast UK. My desk at home is in a pretty study, decorated by me for me. I have spent hours in that room studying for my MBA. Our house is moments from rolling hills with wonderful walks. My husband is a really good cook, so the fridge is always full. There is nothing about home that I don’t like. Except for working from home.

Working from the office makes working a joy. My head is in the right space, prepared by the routine of an hours commute. I like the office, my desk, my colleagues, my boss, and I like to be close to them, physically. My work is more as a result. More creative, disciplined, structured, innovative, intuitive, analytical.


Projects Director

United Kingdom

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